Brief History of the Griffith FOP Lodge 161:

The Griffith Fraternal Order of Police was chartered on May 5, 1973. There are 14 signatures on the original charter.

John M. Mowery Sr.
Kenneth L. Daugherty
Vice President
Kent V. Barnett
William Weddell
Ronald L. Creviston
James D. Reyome
Kenneth R. Labula

George Phillips
Richard Fortner
Edward Rubacha
Valentine Gonzalez
Dennis Maze
Robert Segally
John Verbich
Dennis Spickard
Ronald Deck
Richard McKinney

The charter has brought all of the members together on a monthly basis to discuss their future and to assist in the forward movement of the Police Department.

Click here to read an article about the History of the Griffith Police Department from the Griffith Shopper, November 22, 1979. Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read article.